Photo above: Significantly more complex than Alicudi, Filicudi has several small villages, a street network, and more varied volcanic centers. The highest point is Monte Fossa Felci (named identically as Salina's highest peak) reaching 774 m. It is the high peak visible slightly off the center to the right. Important secondary volcanic centers are Montagnola (got it? This name is used frequently as well in the Eolie) and Capo Graziano. The youngest of these features is the dacitic lava dome cluster of Montagnola (visible behind left slope of Monte Fossa delle Felci), probably extruded some 35,000 years ago. Photo taken 30 August 1994.

Geological and structural sketch map of Filicudi, after Manetti et al. (1995a). Click on image to see the large (85 k) version and legend.


View of the well-preserved lava dome complex of Monte Montagnola from the SE, 9 September 1995. The village of Pecorini lies in the area below the dome. Monte Fossa Felci lies out of the image to the right.

View of the village of Pecorini  Mare

View from Valdichiesa, on the E flank of the Fossa Felci complex, down towards Filicudi Porto and the lava dome complex forming Capo Graziano, on 10 September 1995. The islands of Salina (left) and Lipari (right) are visible in the background. View is to the SE.